Exceeding Expectations with Integrity

A common thread of exceeding expectations with integrity was the beginning of a business venture that today lives as a third-party money management firm – Star Capital Inc. Where your goals inspire us to achieve.  

A Different Kind of ROI

Since the beginning, Tim Merrill and Jerry Scane decided they were not going to measure success by revenue or assets under management, but by how many people they could help on the journey to meeting individual and family financial goals. It wasn’t about the value of their book of business, but the relationships they developed and lives they could improve. Star Capital believes a Return on a Relationship is the catalyst for a Return on Investment.

Filling a Need

Star Capital is determined to fill a need that is absent in comprehensive financial planning: Financial advisors cannot offer both planning and money management services effectively to clients. Their business model is: 1. Provide intelligent financial advisors that understand they should not try to cover both planning and money management services. 2. Equip their advisors with resources not typically available to them for best-in-class investment advice.

Find Alignment

Star Capital provides wealth managers and their clients access to the investment portfolio decision-makers. Tim and Jerry, as the money managers, affords them the opportunity to speak to him directly to assure goals for the advisor’s client are in alignment with Star Capital’s portfolio. This access, combined with cutting edge technology, presents full transparency.

Win-Win Compensation

Star Capital is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. The firm, by virtue of
the RIA business model, is mutually vested in the success of their clients. Star Capital does not charge commissions, but only applies management fees to assets under management. This compensation structure is mutually beneficial because when their clients make money, Star Capital makes money. The firm is rewarded by an organic increase in compensation by a percentage based on the client’s total assets.

Technology with a Pulse

A full back-office of support and resources, as well as cutting-edge technology provides you with more time to build your client relationships and achieve their goals. You focus on the planning, we’ll focus on managing the assets.

Star Capital Inc.
Investment Process


Our investment screening process is tailored to a specific asset class that is designed to generate a preliminary list of investments that meet certain criteria including, but not limited to comprehensive risk measures, and favorable long-term guidance as well as other benchmarks depending on the specific market sector in question.


The list of investments that qualified to this phase passed initial screening restrictions and are now examined by our portfolio manager.


Qualified symbols suitable for a stage 3 appraisal show promise and reveal an encouraging investing opportunity.


Technical and quantitative analysis is applied to the remaining list of potential investments to further determine if the risk/reward ratio meets Star Capital’s investment guidelines.


Investments in this final stage of evaluation have passed numerous fundamental and technical metrics that validate a buy opportunity at predetermined price levels for limit order entry, risk tolerance prices, and profit taking targets. Orders to buy are now positioned.


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When it comes to your investment needs, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Start a conversation today with one of our trusted advisors. They’ll listen, stand beside you and begin the journey toward the financial future you’re seeking…