Orion |  Managed by Timothy Merrill

Investor Profile: Orion seeks value-oriented investors who enjoy long-term capital appreciation with the relatively lower risk of investing in large-cap companies that pay dividends to offset a percentage of the downside market exposure.

Goal: To find 15-25 stocks with a market capitalization over $3 billion. These stocks are typically out-of-favor to the consensus for reasons other than financial stability, or long-term stock appreciation. We research to find the “hidden gem” whose stock price does not reflect their fundamental value. This strategy requires our manager to research stocks that are discounted more than it should be and is trading at less than what research deems fair or intrinsic value.


  • Emphasizes purchasing stocks at an attractive valuation for each investor on the date the account is funded. For this reason, the deployment of the entire cash position for a new account may take 4-6 months based on this method of patient investing. Each client’s portfolio has a level of customization unrivaled by competitors.
  • Seeks to remove subjective and emotional influences from security selection that may inhibit capitalizing on what many times causes market inefficiencies.
  • Approaches a stock assessment with the eye of a contrarian and value motivated investment philosophy.

Additional Details:
The investment methodology incorporates a top-down research meets bottom-up research to prevent limiting opportunities by the reliance on characteristics of each progression.

The fund seeks to own companies that are financially strong that offer the best combination of value and potential for price appreciation given overall economic indicators, as well as the money managers forecast on individual stock performance.  This strategy often out performs the benchmark in times when the money manager discovers an imbalance in a stock that is caused by market sentiment disruptions, price overextension or lagging valuation metrics. This often times leads to a contrarian view to the overall consensus that ultimately sets up the value-play.

A client’s portfolio is managed on its own accord.  The money manager deploys capital for clients as he views the prospects in a particular stock. A core stock position is then established at which point percentage allocation adjustments are made given the stock dynamics and economic cycle rotations.

This means cash deployment may take 6 months or longer depending on various factors of market volatility, stock valuations, and other analytical criteria important to value investing.  This long term approach is ideal for participants with an investment timeframe of 3-5 years or longer to realize the potential benchmark exceeding results.  Minimum investment is $50,000.


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