ORION ‘Value Portfolio’ – Managed by Timothy Merrill

The Orion portfolio is a strategy involving the purchase of 15‐20 Large Cap Value and Dividend paying stocks spread over 10 different market sectors. This unique portfolio process is tailored to each client’s investing timeline, deploying funds at strategic price points. Core positions are established over time through fundamental valuation and predetermined technical values. This approach utilizes tactical investment methods to participate in gains and strive to limit downside risk.

TAURUS ‘Sector Select Portfolio’ – Managed by Timothy Merrill

The Taurus portfolio utilizes index ETFs to obtain exposure to broader market sectors. The strategic allocation is positioned to overweight or underweight in different sectors depending on stock market analysis and forecasting trends. This portfolio uses rebalancing and sector rotation which is adjusted only as the market dynamic shifts.

SAGITTARIUS ‘Energy Portfolio’ – Managed by Gerald Scane & Timothy Merrill

Our energy portfolio gives you an opportunity to potentially capitalize on supply and demand trends in conventional and non-conventional (fracking) energy companies engaged in the exploration, production, distribution, and servicing related to oil, natural gas, as well as alternative energy.

PISCES ‘Opportunity Portfolio’ – Managed by Gerald Scane & Timothy Merrill

Pisces pursues investment returns with an open canvas to all asset classes and the ability to participate in domestic as well as international securities. The team’s research objective is to uncover investment opportunities with the most attractive risk/return profiles without limits to market capitalization.

CERES ‘Private Wealth Option Portfolio’ – Managed by Timothy Merrill

Contact your Star Capital Inc. approved CFP® wealth advisor or email opportunities@starcapinc.com for more information.  Due to compliance, accredited investor and net worth requirements apply.

GEMINI II ‘Preferred Stock Portfolio’ – Managed by Timothy Merrill

Star Capital Inc.’s preferred stock portfolio consists of a selection of 15-25 individual preferred stocks researched by their investment team. This portfolio aims to strike a balance between the stability of bonds and the growth potential of stocks, offering investors a unique opportunity to diversify their holdings.